Public Art 101 With Artaic

Dr. Ted Acworth is a modern champion of an ancient craft, founder of Artaic- an award-winning manufacturing and design company- Artaic is dedicated to the revitalization of the ancient art of mosaics in public art.

Public art is an art form in it of itself. Its size can vary greatly; it can tower fifty feet high or call attention to the pavement below your feet. Its shape can be abstract or realistic (or both). When you think “public art” you may think of historical bronze statues of soldiers on horseback in a park. To fully understand the essence of all that public art can be, we must travel back in time to an ancient civilization of wonderful food, beautiful people and of course, some of the greatest works of art in world history.

From the invention of the alarm clock to Socrates, the Ancient Greek civilization was one of the most advanced communities of the Ancient Word. It is the Greeks that we have to thank for being early advocates of public art. The Ancient Greeks recognized the power that public art has to convey messages to a large group of people and the unification powers that art can hold. The ability that public art has to communicate effectively to a community quickly become a tool that was utilized by many of the greatest civilizations across Europe.

While traveling extensively through Europe, Artaic founder Ted Acworth encountered a number of


museums and Roman archaeological sites with beautiful ancient mosaics on display. Being surrounded by art comprised of thousands of small tessera, color properties from the physical material itself, enduring thousands of years led him to appreciate that mosaic is a physical, tangible art form unlike any other, capable of being viewed and appreciated by the community at large.

Today, public art can take a wide range of forms, sizes, and scales—and can be temporary or permanent. It often interprets the history of the place, its people, and perhaps 

addresses a social or environmental issue.  It can be site-specific or stand in contrast to its surroundings. Placed in public sites, this art is there for everyone, a form of collective community expression and Artaic is here to bring your public art projects into fruition!

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Utilizing our proprietary mosaic design software and robotic assembly system, Artaic helps facilitate artist proposals for large-scale public space mosaics. The magnitude of public art projects has long made them inaccessible to artists working in many of the traditional artistic mediums. With Artaic’s unique tools, artists can render their artwork – no matter the 

medium – as large-scale, durable artwork exhibited to an expansive audience.

Our software allows for visualization and virtual manipulation prior to fabrication. Artaic makes mosaic more accessible to artists as a medium to work with, and thereby makes highly artistic mosaic design available to everyone. Artaic can easily transform any inspiration into a custom mosaic design. Start your personalized tile artwork with a fabric swatch, magazine cut-out, photograph, original painting, hand drawn sketch, or simply a single word. Our design team will collaborate with you to transform it into a custom mosaic feature!

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